SX Network

About SX Network

SX Network is the the largest blockchain prediction market ecosystem in the world
SX Network consists of three core interrelated platforms:
  • SX Bet: Largest blockchain prediction market application in the world by volume.
  • SX Protocol: Open-source smart contract protocol that facilities all SX prediction markets.
  • SX Blockchain: Highly scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain built on Polygon Edge.
SX Network is the first ever stand-alone smart contract blockchain to launch with a native prediction market protocol. It is designed from the ground-up for blockchain application developers with EVM-compatibility, low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus model.
The SX token is the native unit of account on the SX Network and has three purposes: to pay for transaction fees, used as the staking bond by validators, and to power governance. SX Network has an on-chain treasury that is set to receive over 50% of all SX supply over the next four years.
This treasury is governed by SX and can be used to fund community growth and technical innovations. SX Network also comes with a built-in prediction market protocol, which will be used to create the world’s first large-scale implementation of a market-based governance system (i.e. futarchy).
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