Explanation of terms involved in staking and reporting

Network Validator

A full node that has been voted in to the SX Network by other network validators and is actively verifying transactions and proposing/building blocks on the chain.

Staking Validator

A network validator that has been voted in as a network validator, approved by the core team as a result of a passing governance vote, and eligible for other users to delegate their stake to.

Once staked, network validators participate in reporting outcomes for SXBet markets in addition to proposing blocks on SX Network. On every reported outcome, Staking Validators will earn rewards from SXBet betting fees upon market settlement provided that they voted for the majority outcome.

Majority Outcome Vote

The β€˜winning’ outcome for a particular market which can either be a TIE/VOID, WIN, or LOSE. This outcome would have been voted on by validators subsets who have in total staked at minimum 2/3 of the total amount staked (including delegator staked amounts).

Additionally, at least 2/3 of the total vote stake weight must also agree with the same outcome for a particular market in order to be considered the majority outcome.

This means for a network of 6 validators with each staking 1M WSX each, 4 out of 6 must have voted on the same outcome for it to be considered the majority outcome assuming all validators participated in reporting.

If only 4 out of 6 validators participated in the vote, then all 4 must have voted on the same outcome, otherwise the outcome will not be finalized and will require manual intervention from the core team.

Outcome Voting Phase

A fixed amount of time for validators to vote on a market outcome, after it has been proposed. This amount of time ensures that all validators on SX Network are accounted and lasts until a given market can be reported to chain (see #Reporting).


The percentage of majority outcomes the Staking Validator has voted on with respect to all reported outcomes since the conception of the SX Merge.

A 30-day rolling uptime % will be introduced shortly meaning that all Staking Validators that have reported the majority outcome for the last 30 days will have a 100% 30-day uptime %.


Lock in a specified amount of WSX in order to gain rewards from SXBet betting fees.

Users interested in becoming a Network Validators will have to apply to become a Network Validator by staking a minimum amount of WSX (e.g. 200k).

Users who might not have 200k WSX available to stake or who have 200k+ WSX but do not wish to pay for the infrastructure costs required to maintain their node can become Staking Delegators by staking or delegating their stake to a trusted Staking Validator.

Pending Rewards

The accrued rewards for each reward token available to claim for a Staking Validator or Delegator. These rewards coming from SXBet betting fees upon market settlement.

Claim Rewards

Claim any pending rewards due for all reward token amounts. These token amounts will be transferred to your account upon claiming.

Compound Stake

An option for stakers to automatically claim any pending rewards, convert them to WSX, and re-stake the additional WSX to gain compounded staking rewards.


Remove and get transferred back all staked WSX either as a Staking Validator or Staking Delegator.

Note that after unstaking, users will not gain additional rewards until they stake again.

Also note that there is an Unstake Cooldown that a user must wait before they have their funds back. At this point a user is free to stake or delegate stake again.

Staking Validators that have unstaked can still earn rewards from Staking Delegators that have not yet claimed their pending rewards. Aside from these rewards, a Staking Validator also cannot earn rewards from the moment they decide to unstake.

Staking Delegator

A user who has chosen to delegate their stake to a trusted Staking Validator to earn rewards on outcomes where the Staking Validator has been determined to have won the majority vote.

Staking Delegators may be subject to paying commission fees specified by their chosen validator.

Staking Validator Commission

A percentage set by Staking Validators to earn a portion of any Staking Delegator rewards whenever they are claimed.

Unstake Cooldown

The number of days that a Staking Validator or Staking Delegator must wait in order to receive their staked WSX after unstaking.

Estimated APR

The estimated APR (Annualized Percentage Rate) for Staking Delegators assuming 100% validator uptime and 0% validator commission.

This value is calculated based on the total betting fees paid out to stakers over the last 30 days vs the total amount currently being staked by validators/delegators.

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