SX Network

SX Roadmap

Here is the tech, business, and tokenomics roadmap

🍂 Fall 2023

  • 🕸️ Cross-chain Betting: Launch SX on new chain and become 1st cross-chain betting platform
  • 📉 Shitcoin CPMs: Launch betting markets on all cryptos, including small & illiquid coins
  • 💹 SX Tokenomics Dashboard: Analytics on SX token, including supply, liquidity, etc
  • 🏐 Sport Summary Pages: Sport-specific summary pages and much cleaner interface
  • 🔢 Alternative Spreads/Totals: Enable betting on alternative spread and point total markets
  • 🌇 Liquidity God-mode UI: See in-depth order book data on multiple markets at once
  • 🏈 NFL Player Props: Enable betting on NFL player props such as yards, TDs, receptions, etc.
  • 🖼️ Shareable Markets Embed: Enable better sharing of individual markets with link embeds
  • 💬 Trollbox 3.0: Telegram push-notifications, ability to share/take bets directly, sound
  • 💧 $100,000 Betdrop: $100,000 betdrop to power users of SX's first cross-chain deployment
  • 🏆 $69,420 NFL Tourneys: Season-long series of NFL Profit and Return tournaments on SX

❄️ Winter 2024

  • 💸 Cashout: Ability to cash out of bets prior to market settlement
  • 🖨️ Copy Betting: Create your own betting syndicate and earn fees from your followers
  • 🖼️ NFT Floor Markets: Enable betting on most of the major NFT floor price markets
  • 🌁 Smart Contract Relayer Bridge: To make depositing and bridging as seamless as a CEX
  • 📊 Affiliate Dashboard 2.0: Much sleeker and improved interface for affiliates to track stats

🌱 Spring 2024

  • ❓TBA: Revolutionary feature that will make SX the most liquid betting platform in the world
  • ❓TBA: Extremely lucrative extension of the SX exchange into first-of-its kind P2P markets
  • ❓TBA: Transforming the security and back-end infrastructure of SX Network chain

Completed Roadmaps:

🌞 Summer 2023

  • ✅ SX Fee Change: Halving SX taker fee from 4% to 2% making SX the lowest fee exchange
  • ✅ Ethereum Gasless Bridge: Enabling gasless USDC bridging from Ethereum
  • ✅ Parlay Betting: Launching the world's first peer-to-peer parlay betting markets
  • ✅ $10k Wimbledon Classic: Return-style tournament for Wimbledon tennis tournament
  • ✅ SX Partner Program: Launch SX's first major influencer marketing campaign
  • ✅ Trollbox 2.0: Revamped full-screen trollbox with better visibility and notifications
  • ✅ Link Tracking: On-chain transaction explorer linking for all settled bets
  • ✅ SX Staking Cooldown: Proposal to lower the SX staking cooldown period by up to 65%
  • ✅ SX Liquidity Boost: Proposal to buyback and LP up to $600,000 of SX to increase liquidity
  • ✅ Comparison Listings: Getting SX listed on major odds comparison listing sites
  • ✅ Advanced CPMs: Enable betting on prices of BTC, ETC, MATIC, SOL, BNB, & more
  • ✅ CPM Trading Interface: Revamped user interface for betting on new CPM markets
  • ✅ SX Real Yield: Begin paying out 100% of protocol revenue to SX stakers
  • ✅ Staking Interface 2.0: New interface makes it easy to validate or delegate SX
  • ✅ SX Compounder: Auto-converts staking yield into SX by purchasing SX on SharkSwap
  • ✅ Cut SX Inflation: Eliminating 100% of Staking SX Inflation post SX Real Yield launch