Validator Maintenance

Common validator maintenance steps

Node operators are required to routinely update their validator's version of sx-node, maintain a high uptime (99%), and monitor the health of their instances. This section will evolve over time to include links and how-to guides essential to the duties of a node operator.

Updating to the latest version of sx-node

From within your validator directory:

git pull && chmod +x && ./ "$(curl"

Running your node in safety mode

At times you might be required by an SX Admin to run your node in safety mode. This mode ensures your validator can only sync up to trusted validators. If asked, please follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the sx-node service:

    sudo systemctl stop sx-node
  2. Clear the data-dir within your sx-node directory:

    rm -rf data/blockchain/ data/trie/ data/consensus/snapshots data/consensus/metadata
  3. Add the bootnode_only_sync: true field to the config.yml and save that file.

    For example your config.yml file might look something like:

    chain_config: /home/heisenberg/validator/sx-node/genesis.json
    data_dir: /home/heisenberg/validator/sx-node/data
    block_gas_target: 0x3938700
      bootnode_only_sync: true
    seal: true
      price_limit: 1000000000
    log_level: DEBUG
    gasprice_block_utilization_threshold: 0.95
  4. Restart the sx-node service:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo systemctl restart sx-node

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