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Why we built SX chain

SX Blockchain Overview

SX was initially deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, before becoming one of the first applications to launch on the Polygon PoS network back in September 2020. This transition to Polygon PoS enabled the SX ecosystem to thrive. However, in the summer of 2021, the SX core team noticed a number of long-term risks and limitations as a function of being on Polygon PoS:

  • Rising costs on Polygon. Gas prices on the Polygon PoS network are still very low, but they’ve increased by over 10,000x already since January 2021. Polygon’s continued growth threatens to price out smaller transactions over time.

  • Blockchain sovereignty. The SX Protocol currently has no control over network architecture. Like other generic public blockchains, Polygon PoS wasn’t customized to support unique use cases such as prediction markets.

  • Incentive alignment. SX Protocol may have differing incentives than other stakeholders in the Polygon PoS chain. As Polygon continues to grow, these differing interests can strain. Building SX Network aligns interests across all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

The SX Blockchain is a dramatic expansion of the vision behind SX Protocol. It reimagines SX as a stand-alone public blockchain capable of solving these limitations and mitigating these long-term risks. SX Blockchain

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