SX Network

Bridging Assets

How the SX Network bridge functions
SX Network can support any asset from a public blockchains that utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine environment (e.g. ETH, MATIC, BNB, TRON). It also supports the creation of native SX Chain assets that can be bridged to other integrated EVM blockchains.
SX Network uses Celer Network for its bridging architecture. Assets are bridged to SX Network by being first locked into Celer Network bridge. Celer Network validators run bridging logic which recognizes when assets have been locked into the Celer, and thereafter debits them to the user’s address on SX Network.
The assets are only transferable once the other nodes in the network finalize the block containing the original bridge transaction. From there, the assets are freely transferable within SX Network.
Assets from other EVM blockchains can use third-party relayer bridges to transfer assets quickly onto SX Network. However, the security guarantees of these relayer-based bridges depend on the specific provider and thus are outside the scope of this paper.