SX Network

Built for Polygon Devs

SX Network is Polygon's first native scalability solution
Polygon is the dominant scalability solution for the Ethereum network. It dwarfs all its competition in adoption, with over 7,000 blockchain applications and +$5,000,000,000 in total value secured. It has been a big success by any measurable metric.
However, all of this adoption has come at a cost.
Gas prices on Polygon PoS have increased by over 10,000x already since January 2021. Polygon's popularity has increased network congestion and lead to severely degraded performance for public nodes as well. This means that Polygon users and application developers have to use expensive and hard to use Private nodes to interact with the Polygon network. The continued growth of Polygon is beginning to price out smaller users and making it hard for applications with low average transaction sizes to survive.
SX Network is Polygon's first native scalability solution. Polygon application developers can deploy their applications on SX Network rapidly thanks to it's EVM-compatibility. The SX Network bridge makes it extremely easy to port over your project and users. Plus, you get to benefit from the network effects of three different projects - Ethereum, Polygon, and SX Network - at the same time.