#3: Skin-in-the-Game
SITG: Individuals that make decisions for the collective must be the first ones to bear the consequences, similar to how a general leading his troops into battle faces the greatest danger being at the front.
The fundamental design philosophy guiding SX Network is the idea that any stakeholder that has the ability to majorly impact the direction of SX Network must have skin-in-the-game (SITG). This means they must have measurable risk when making major decisions, ensuring that decisions lead to fair, transparent, and efficient outcomes.
In particular, validators on SX network will be required to stake large amounts of SX in order to be part of the validator set, ensuring that they have the best interests of the network in mind. Furthermore, major governance decisions will be handled via the native SX prediction market, in which proposal backers will need to directly risk SX in order to pass desired policies.
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