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SX Bet

The largest blockchain prediction market in the world by both trading volume and markets

SX Bet Overview

SX Bet is a peer-to-peer betting exchange that allows all users to both offer and take bets. This is different from traditional sportsbook where users can only take bets offered by the company running the site. This peer-to-peer model of betting leads to better odds and remove the ability of owners to exploit the users for profit.
SX Bet is a non-custodial front-end interface that enables anyone with a Web3 wallet to place bets using the SX protocol.
This model of betting also means there are no betting limits as you can offer or fill any offer available without limit. Finally, one of the biggest advantages of a peer-to-peer exchange like SX Bet is the ability to enter your own odds and be the bookie.
First, bettors generate bet offers on a market either manually through the SX Bet UI or programmatically using the SX API (called Makers). These offers are then visually displayed side-by-side on the SX Bet exchange front-end to bettors.

Why Users Choose SX Bet

SX Bet provides massive advantages over any traditional centralized sports books or betting exchanges.

💧 Better Liquidity

SX Bet concentrates liquidity into one central location in order to provide a platform for users to find the best odds and depth. A network of market makers compete on SX Bet to offer better odds and depth. This leads to better prices for bettors as compared to most traditional sports books and betting exchanges. Liquidity begets itself; it flows to the most liquid platform.


Unlike predatory traditional sportsbooks, SX users actually own the platform that they bet on. As you trade on SX Bet, you earn SX tokens roughly proportional to the amount of volume you contribute to the network. SX tokens have governance power over SX Network, which includes SX Bet. Community ownership is critical to the functioning and safeguarding of the SX ecosystem.

📈 More Markets

SX offers far more markets than other blockchain competitors, with more than 550 different prediction markets per day. Over time, SX will beat traditional sportsbooks by decentralizing market creation to the community. In the future, spinning up a prediction market on SX will be as easy as creating a tweet on Twitter. This will lead to an explosion of market creation.

SX Bet Historical Stats

SX has facilitated $168,002,700 in total volume across more than +1,000,000 bets since inception. Stats updated as of April 17th, 2022.
SX continues to grow rapidly quarter-over-quarter