🏆Why SX is the Best

SX has the best odds, security, ownership, transparency and access

💰 The Best Odds

SX Bet’s peer-to-peer betting exchange ensures that bettors enjoy competitive odds, often better than what they’d find on traditional sportsbooks. With SX Bet, bettors aren’t subject to odds set by a centralized authority; instead, they are betting against each other, creating a dynamic and competitive market. This unique approach often leads to favorable odds for bettors while also giving them an opportunity to set their own odds and accept bets from others.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of SX's odds compared to the largest sports book in the world, Bet365:

You will notice that SX routinely offers 7-10% higher payouts on matches compared to traditional sports books. For example, in the picture above, you will notice that Bet365 offers a 1.90x return on your bet if you take the Cavaliers (i.e. your original stake + 90% return), whereas SX offers a 2.01x return (i.e. your original stake + 101% return). This means that a bettor using SX would generate 11% higher profits than Bet365 in this example. SX routinely has better odds currently on Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Tennis. This is the power of having bettors compete against each other to offer odds.

You can go a step further and even offer your own bets. This provides you with greater control and enables you to create customized strategies and preferences. You can even build your own quantitative sports betting strategy using the SX API docs. SX treats sports betting like a financial market where you can win, not a casino where you can only lose.

🔐 Web3 Security

SX Bet’s non-custodial nature provides unmatched security, a critical feature for bettors who’ve faced issues with crypto sportsbooks like Stake, Rollbit, Roobet, and Sportsbet.io. Unlike centralized sports books, SX Bet doesn’t hold users’ funds custodially. Instead, bettors have complete control over their funds, securely stored in their personal non-custodial wallets (such as Metamask).

This security model dramatically reduces risks associated with the misappropriation of funds. You can place bets on SX Bet with peace of mind, knowing that your funds are securely stored and accessible at your convenience, in your own Metamask wallet. Your keys, your crypto; only at SX do you get to keep full control and bet on sports straight from the safety of your own Metamask wallet.

The SX token provide another compelling reason for sophisticated bettors to embrace the platform. Every time a user wins a bet, they not only receive their winnings but also earn SX tokens. These tokens serve multiple purposes within the SX ecosystem, such as getting a discount on fees, earning staking yields, and powering governance.

Each week, up to 150,000 SX will be allocated to SX Bet users on the last day of each week, proportional to their gross winnings, which roughly translates to:

  • 150,000 SX per week

  • Awarded each week based on total betting volume

Earning SX tokens gives you a stake in the platform’s future, opening up the possibility of reaping the benefits of its growth and success. This added incentive makes SX Bet even more attractive for sports bettors looking to maximize their returns.

📖 Transparency

SX Bet breaks the mold in an industry often criticized for lack of transparency and trust issues. Every bet is recorded on-chain, creating a public and tamper-proof record of all betting activity. This unparalleled transparency reassures users of the platform’s integrity and ensures the correct settlement of all bets.

SX Bet shows you the order book, line movement, and every single bet on the market. This fosters an environment of trust, essential for a thriving betting ecosystem. SX offers a level of transparency that resolves trust issues often associated with other sportsbooks like Stake, Rollbit, Roobet, and Sportsbet.io.

👐 Open Access

Finally, SX Bet’s commitment to open access is a major draw for sophisticated sports bettors. Unlike traditional sports book, SX Bet doesn’t ban, restrict, or limit winning bettors. This means you can win consistently without worrying about being penalized or limited — a unique advantage that sets SX Bet apart.

SX’s also has completely open access to its APIs to encourage innovation and development of new betting tools, strategies, and applications. This open access empowers bettors to design custom tools and algorithms, giving them an edge in the highly competitive world of sports betting. The SX Bet API docs are incredibly easy to read and make it easy for anyone to build their own sports betting bot. We treat sports betting like a financial market, and give you the tools you need to trade it like one.

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